Toolkit – What do you get?

The DRB Toolkit® provides a fictitious business, the ABC Coffee Company, to help walk you through this process. Chapters contain templates which when completed will become a part of your final disaster plan. To assist you in completing the templates, examples are given for the ABC Coffee Company.

After you have finished the Toolkit, you will have a disaster plan and program (also known as a Business Continuity Program). You will be far better prepared for a disaster than you are today, and probably better prepared than many of your competitors. Your plan will have the following elements:

  • Identify the types of emergencies or hazards that may impact your business.
  • Understand how to prevent some emergency situations from developing.
  • Prepare to lessen the impacts of those emergencies that do occur.
  • Respond to protect life, business environment, and property during an emergency.
  • Recover and resume business operations in the post-emergency environment.

The modular concept in the DRB Toolkit® allows the owner, the leader, and their designee to build a program at a pace that is acceptable to that company and to include other resources, as no one person has all the answers. The Toolkit is completely customizable so your plan will not need to include someone else’s naming conventions.

By utilizing the simple DRB Toolkit® materials provided, you will not only build a disaster plan for your respective business, you will create and can execute specific actions you identify as necessary and cost effective to protect your business. You do not have to be a professional or hire a consultant to ask the questions, instead, the software provides education and information for you to build a plan. The DRB Toolkit® walks you thru the process of developing a disaster plan.

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