The Great ShakeOut 2017

February 2, 2017 For Immediate Release


The Great ShakeOut partners again with the non-profit DRB Toolkit® to help businesses and organizations get prepared!

The Earthquake Country Alliance (ECA), a public-private partnership, is the driving force behind The Great ShakeOut, a successful annual campaign that engages millions in earthquake and disaster readiness. The ECA is pleased to announce a continued partnership and resource for the 2017 ShakeOut registrants – a 50% discount on the Disaster Resistant Business (DRB) Toolkit®, a comprehensive plan-building software tool being made available to businesses, non-profits, and organizations. The DRB Toolkit Workgroup is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

The DRB Toolkit® is a cutting-edge software tool designed to be 100% customizable to the needs and culture of the business user. The Toolkit’s videos and step-by step process provide simple guides for all businesses and organizations to build their emergency program including: creating or enhancing, updating, and testing their disaster plan. Like ShakeOut, the DRB Toolkit® was developed through a unique and unprecedented public-private-community partnership of subject-matter experts. In the case of the DRB Toolkit® , the goal of the partnership was to create a computer-based planning tool which is both comprehensive and user friendly, as well as very low cost.

The 2017 Great California Shakeout will commence this October 19th at 10:19am, at which time participants will practice the correct way to protect themselves during an earthquake: Drop, Cover, and Hold On!

Businesses and organization interested in getting a discounted copy of the DRB Toolkit®, should please go online and register for ShakeOut in order to receive their “special code” on your registration confirmation page. To register, visit

“ShakeOut gets people at home, work, school, and in communities to practice quake-safe actions without the chaos of a real earthquake,” stated Mark Benthien, Executive Director of the Earthquake Country Alliance, “The DRB Toolkit® is an easy next step to help organizations prevent an emergency from becoming a catastrophe.”

Ines Pearce, President of the DRB Toolkit Workgroup stated, “The Toolkit is especially helpful for those small orgs who have limited time and expertise. It provides a comprehensive yet simplified approach for businesses using this interactive plan-builder that guides the user through information input. No prior experience is needed to use the Toolkit. The Toolkit fits all types and sizes of businesses to get better prepared.”

For more information about The Great ShakeOut taking place on October 19th, 2017, (in at least 47 states and other countries), visit the web site at:

For more information about the DRB Toolkit®, visit