Getting your organization better prepared for any and all hazards is not typically on the daily “to do” list. You are likely doing a great job in your position, and your boss just asked you to now add “Preparedness” (resilience or continuity) into your responsibilities. Don’t worry we can help you! You may have the following questions:

      • What do I / the organization need to do?
      • What do I / the organization need to know?
      • Where do I start?

The Disaster Resistant Business Workgroup (DRBTW) team offers and provides training, workshops, webinars, and other educational opportunities to advanced audiences as well as those individuals/organizations just getting started.

We regularly speak at conferences in the U.S. and internationally on topics spanning from a 101 basics of Business Resilience to more advanced Business Continuity. Our audiences include businesses (small to large sized), non-profits, chambers of commerce, governmental agencies (e.g. first responders, emergency management, economic development) from local/state/federal, community organizations, and more.

Specific existing trainings and workshops can by found on the Events page, but we can also develop something specific for your organization, community, state, or region.

NOTE: Training covers elements of our Programs but are not limited to just these. We can address all hazards and whatever topics needed for your specific audiences that will help educate or benefit changes & growth in your disaster readiness efforts.