Our approach is to develop tools that can both educate and drive users to take action that will make them more resilient, such as building their disaster plan or training employees.

In order to strengthen communities, we have developed the following tools to make the process easier, with each tool leading to the next, more detailed option arriving at the Disaster Resistant Business (DRB) Toolkit, the complete business resilience readiness resource:

This Checklist is a self-assessment  to help organizations determine:
A) where they may be exposed, and,
B) which areas should be addressed first, second, etc.

Here are the Top 20 Tips organizations should take to address before, during and after a disaster or other disruption. These tips will give ideas on how to begin addressing any issues you uncovered completing the Checklist.

Need more information? Use the DRB Workbook and DRB Toolkit(r) for more resources and tools to address your needs and improve your readiness and resilience against all hazards.

Just getting started to prepare? The DRB Workbook breaks business resilience down into 9 simple sections. Complete this fillable PDF document to guide you through the basics needed to begin preparing your business for potential disruptions, in order to minimize the impacts to your people, property and revenue.

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The DRB Workbook will get you started with the elements of business readiness! Each section will provide key information needed for your planning. Ready to build your plan, sections will link to detailed information available to more thoroughly assist you in the DRB Toolkit. The Workbook is a great resource itself and is good first step to complete the Toolkit!

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Whether you have experienced a disruption or want to keep one from occurring, are new to emergency preparedness or an experienced planner, the DRB Toolkit® will assist you in making your business better prepared to address all-hazards.

The Disaster Resistant Business (DRB) Toolkit® is your solution for unplanned disruptions – regardless whether they are natural, man-made; large or small – each has the potential to create catastrophic losses for your business. The DRB Toolkit® enables you to minimize your risk through the process of creating or refining your disaster plan, training employees, and exercising your business’ readiness against all hazards. The DRB Toolkit® is your path to true Business Continuity.

The DRB Toolkit® is a one-of-a-kind planning tool that is referenced in national as well as international materials, and is recommended as a simple solution for organizations planning for any disruption.

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The DRB Toolkit is also one of three recommended resources for businesses planning a Resilient Workplace. To see complementary resources, visit to learn about DRB, QuakeSmart and 7 Steps to a Resilient Workplace.

Our resources contain tools-within-tools as no two businesses are the same – so what they need must be specific to their company culture, location, people, or training, and what they use must best fit them. “Cookie cutters” DO NOT work.

We address all the Business Continuity Planning (BCP) standards, (ISO 22301, ASIS/BSI BCM.01-2010, ISO 22313, BS 25999-2, NASD 3510/3520, NFPA 1600) even if you are unfamiliar with what they are. We also design our tools to be flexible to meet the needs of all businesses, you just pick from the menu of options to select what is best for your business. New to planning for disasters? No problem, just follow our stepped guidance to learn as you go.