The following are the programs that the Disaster Resistant Business Toolkit Workgroup (DRBTW) has spent almost two decades developing and partnering on to make small business and non-profits, and the communities where they operate and their employees live, more resilient. Specific tools and materials developed can by found on the Tools page.

Disaster Resistant Business (DRB) Program Suite

A disaster can strike at any time. The DRB Program is a suite of resources and services that can be use standalone or be incorporated into existing programs and forums. The DRB Program delivers expertise to businesses and non-profits, but also assist vendors, suppliers, partners, government, communities, and the public.

For example, at the core of the DRB Program is the revolutionary DRB Toolkit® application (designed like Turbo Tax®)  which provides guidance, tips, tools, and other resources to improve disaster resilience for small-to-medium business and non-profits – and yes, large businesses also use it. The Toolkit includes simple video instructions and easy templates to facilitate an organization creating or enhancing their disaster plan and choosing their preparedness options. These step-by-step guides and interactive content are customizable for each organization to produce tangible, measurable, disaster-planning progress covering your specific business local hazards, whatever they are. Get all the DRB Program tools here!

DRB Program provides the following services to assist you:

* Preparedness solutions
* Business Continuity Planning
* Emergency response & recovery
* Risk reduction (mitigation)
* Materials and program development

* Training and education
* Workshops
* Webinars
* Public speaking
* Direct assistance