The Disaster Resistant Business Toolkit Workgroup (DRBTW) is an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit. Sponsorships and donations fund our capability to educate small-to-medium sized businesses and non-profits on how to plan for disasters, then survive and thrive afterwards. Our educational programs and tools, like the DRB Toolkit®, are the primary way we deliver our services as they provide guidance, expertise, innovations, and an interactive format for a business to take action to improve their readiness.

Sponsors have hosted:

  • Programs, conferences, webinars, sessions, lunch-and-learns, and other activities where the DRBTW have presented relevant topics, shared information, or provided tools.

Sponsors, in partnership with DRBTW, help us get out to businesses who can use or need the information we provide. Marketing is a significant asset they bring to our discussions as we are more subject-matter-experts than marketers of our own work. We can use your help to get the word out and save businesses and their communities!

Our on-going goal is to provide the best tools in the market to educate and assist small business that do not have the resources to hire a BCP consultant, for example, to help them in developing their plan to survive a disaster or interruption of their operations. We have partnered with foundations, businesses, chambers of commerce, business organizations, NGOs, local/state/federal/national governments and disaster-response agencies to sponsor and fund the development as well as delivery of the our programs and tools for US and international locations.

DRBTW is a small organization of dedicated professionals who have operated together for the past 18 years to educate and expand disaster resistant businesses. Our goal as a non-profit has always been to make tools widely available to small businesses at no-to-low-cost but need your financial support to make that a reality.

We are open to organization, agency, community, and non-profit financial support. If you are interested in helping, please contact us at info[at]DRBToolkit.org or call us at 877-563-5628.

<The Toolkit, for example, moves an organization step-by-step through prioritizing its operations and developing a business continuity/disaster plan.> Need to move?