Community Building

Planning for disaster events is also about creating networks: within your company, in your neighborhood, and in your community. As a disaster will quickly overwhelm our local existing capabilities, it is important that we plan together looking for solutions, resources, and options. No one entity will either fix beforehand or be able to care for everyone that will need something after a disaster. So, we’re all in this together.

First, prioritize your own business needs, begin to address them using the DRB Toolkit®, and then look to your networks to see how your efforts can be helped or enhanced. Collectively and collaboratively, many issues can be addressed and problems lessened or solved. Don’t forget to expand your networks to include government, non-profits, academic, volunteer, etc.

This is “Community Building” – working together on a common solution to increase capacity and disaster resistance.

Want to help save lives and reduce losses in a disaster?  You are part of the DRB Toolkit  network, so send us your feedback so we can continually improve and update the Toolkit.  Send us your thoughts, lessons learned, ideas, and disaster stories to[email protected]