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__________________________ WHAT ARE PEOPLE SAYING? ________________________

“…comprehensive in scope, compelling in the amount of embedded guidance and exquisite in the video introductory materials for each section … very well thought out. Great job!

Fred Savaglio
Virginia Mason Medical Center

“Once you see how well it works you will not hesitate to recommend it … most software of this type costs at least $35,000 to $50,000 to purchase.

Diane S.
County Emergency Management

Welcome to the Disaster Resistant Business (DRB) Toolkit website! We look forward to you reading the information on the website and choosing to use the Toolkit. The Toolkit is 100% customizable, so it is intended for all types and sizes of businesses.   We fully believe that when you see and begin using the DRB Toolkit, you will see how it will help you to protect your operations, property, people, and revenue. We offer the Toolkit with a 100% money-back guarantee!

Why Use the Toolkit?
Lessons learned from disasters and recent incidents emphasize that neutralizing the event as quickly as possible was of paramount importance to minimizing the impact of the disruption to business. Due to the constraints on government addressing the needs of the most vulnerable after a disaster, it is up to business to be prepared to respond to its own needs. After a disaster, expect government to be unavailable to assist your business immediately, so the private sector needs to be self-sufficient. Vulnerabilities may be within the facility, or may include outside factors such as workers, suppliers, or customers who can not get to your facility. No matter whether the cause is natural or man-made, intentional or accidental, a variety of situations may become an emergency for your business. The DRB Toolkit assists you to resolve these issues.

What Will It Address?
The primary purpose of a disaster plan and program is to first ensure the safety of the employees and then ensure the continuation or re-instatement of time-sensitive business operations after unplanned disruptions such as fire, power or communications blackout, hurricane, flood, earthquake, civil disturbance, etc.  You will determine what a disaster is for your business.The Toolkit addresses ALL hazards.

What is the Toolkit?