Toolkit – What is it?


The Disaster Resistant Business (DRB) Toolkit® is a downloadable software package designed after the Turbo Tax® model. We designed the DRB Toolkit® to help all-sized businesses in building their emergency program including creating or enhancing their company’s disaster plan. The DRB Toolkit® provides a comprehensive yet simplified approach for your business and is completely customizable to fit your business’ needs including a menu of solution options. The software application is interactive and has video prompts to guide the user through information input.  The information input into the application produces a disaster plan and from the information provided by the user, the plan helps a business return to normal delivery of services. Through videos, interactive tables and exercises, the DRB Toolkit® educates the business as they use it, so no prior experience is needed. In the end, a business will have created a Business Continuity program customized specifically for their business operations and culture.

Use the DRB Toolkit® as a step-by-step guide, with each chapter building on the previous. If you already have a disaster plan, you can choose to jump around within the DRB Toolkit®. However, to enhance your new or existing plan with maximum effect, use the Toolkit from beginning to end to give you a complete package.

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Easily Understood
Industry terminology was minimized to keep this process simple. For instance, typically there are several terms used to refer to "disaster planning". These include contingency planning, business continuity, recovery, readiness, and emergency planning. In this Toolkit, they all mean the same thing so are inter-changeable. In the DRB Toolkit® we use "disaster planning" because it is easily understood and covers all phases of an unplanned disruption (before, during, and after).

What Do You Get?