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The Disaster Resistant Business Toolkit Workgroup (DRBTW) has been a 501(c)(3) non-profit since 2007, although we began as a public-private partnership in 2002. The DRBTW consists of Business Continuity, Emergency Management, planning and training experts from government and all-sized companies who collaborated to develop this software tool that would assist small to midsize businesses build their own disaster plans. The objectives the Workgroup wanted to meet with this tool:

  • Improve economic resiliency of the community; reducing recovery time from all disasters
  • Design and easy-to-use process for businesses with limited resources
  • Create a tool that is user friendly
  • Build a process to easily maintain and distribute future enhancements
  • Strengthen the partnership between the public and private sectors.

The DRBTW solution for these goals is the DRB Toolkit, an interactive, software application. This tool is easy to use and based upon a proven methodology. We know of no other tool in the business disaster planning industry specifically designed to assist a small to midsize business build a comprehensive disaster plan and business continuity program. The DRBTW is also developing tools for other sectors.

Disaster Planning Meeting

We are able to tap into many years of experiences as disaster planning professionals in developing the Toolkit and continue to support the Toolkit with enhancements based on studies of disasters, as well as from all feedback you provide as your business creates, tests, and utilizes your new disaster plan. You are a part of our partnership to make organizations more resilient. Here are some of our other key partners:

DRB Toolkit Workgroup
* Core DRB Partners++ Board of Directors & Advisory Board
*Ines Pearce++ (Project Chair)
*Charles Davis Jr., CBCP Jeff Kulawiak++ Laurie Willis++
*John Ufford++ *Jim Hubly, CBCP Roseanne Rostron
John Hays Phil Millard Robert Pence
DRB Toolkit Contributors, Collaborators, Editors, Reviewers, Testers:
Robert Allen Andrea Cohen Steve Charvat
Roger Ditto Jerry Gardner Jim Mullen
Karla Oman Joan Scofield Diane Schurr
Tony Sinclair Leahjo Tietz Ryan Walker
Contingency Planners and Recovery Managers (CPARM) And many others who provided support, feedback, and encouragement.
DRB Toolkit Workgroup – Financial Sponsors
U.S. Department of Homeland Security – Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) Washington State Emergency Management Division Cascadia Region Earthquake Workgroup (CREW)
Pearce Global Partners, Inc. Seattle Police Foundation Seattle Project Impact
These partners provided direct funding. This list does not take into account the thousands of hours that experts, their organizations, and individuals volunteered. The DRB Toolkit could not have been completed without all partners, their commitment and contributions to making communities safer – globally.
Toolkit Interactive Design and Development  

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